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Get ready for an assault on your senses and let's not mince words here as this is the most extreme multisport tour this island has to offer. While being scenic across rugged and remote countryside, this trip is a total self sufficient trip. You would traverse through some of the driest, hottest, coldest and tallest terrains of Sri Lanka. World Heritage forests, National Heritage sites and restricted waterways are only some of the encounters that would leave you breathless in more ways than one!

This is a suggested tour. It can be tailor-made to suit your requirements. Please contact us for a tailor made tour

Tour Itinerary

Day 01
We meet-up very early besides an ancient irrigation system, to kayak down its currents. Midway picnic lunch and we make camp for the night besides the hiking trail. Dinner and overnight stay at campsite.

Day 02
Decamp early and leave after breakfast on the trek. Our path lies besides a river system with its many streams. With a picnic lunch midway we camp for the night at a village or a grass plain with dinner.

Day 03
Decamp after breakfast and commence the long trek besides a waterway. Midway we stop for lunch and complete the day at an ancient village. This was the area that the last King of Sri Lanka was heading to and had he made it, in all probability this island would still be a Kingdom. This location is also the burial site of the last two princesses of Sri Lanka.

Day 04
Decamp after breakfast and commence ascending a seemingly impossible rockface, besides a stream. Midway we stop for lunch and re-commence the uphill task. We make camp atop a grass platform where we stay for the night with dinner.

Day 05
Decamp after breakfast and get ready for a roller coaster day! Up and down steep valleys with a few waterfalls to negotiate, dense jungle, the odd creepy-crawly are only some of the obstacles. This is a long-hard day where we need to get ourselves into a grass plain, which is the only habitable place around. We stop for a quick picnic lunch besides a waterway with dinner and overnight stay at the campsite.

Day 06
Leave after breakfast and ascend to an ancient village where we have a late lunch. We make camp here as there's no place to camp hereon. Witness a world where time has stood still since Royal times. These folks live a quality life, fully utilizing the forests for their needs. Dinner is a communal affair where we share our meal. Overnight in tents.

Day 07
After easy breakfast we trek and then ascend a Mt. top to make camp. Astounding views of the entire countryside, not forgetting that you're on a very large plateau of grass and flowers ["This could easily be one of the top 10 campsites in the world" Tim Bennett - UK 1997]. Dinner at campsite with overnight stay.

Day 08
Decamp after breakfast and leave for the river, where lunch will be made after a refreshing swim. Trek uphill towards an ancient bungalow in the middle of nowhere. Dinner and overnight stay at the bungalow.

Day 09
Leave leisurely after breakfast to the ridge of the mountain where on the other side camp will be made besides a stream. Late lunch after a swim and an evening at leisure with dinner and overnight stay at the campsite.

Day 10
Decamp after breakfast and leave on mountain bikes. Its steep hills both up and down the near 70KM's. forest path, estate roads and secondary roads have to be negotiated on your machines We have a picnic lunch besides a stream before the final assault of uphill riding. You're then rewarded with a 16KM downhill descent, all the way to camp besides one of the deepest waterways. Dinner and overnight stay at the campsite.

Day 11
Leave after breakfast on kayaks across the reservoir. This is a very exhilarating ride over an ancient submerged town. We meet at the other end of the lake to pick you up however reluctantl.